All DNS students are eligible to apply for a number of endowed student excellence and student travel awards each year. Each year, the Division awards 2 student excellence awards in the form of unrestricted cash awards along with multiple special travel awards, which support travel to domestic or international scientific conferences. Below is a summary of the endowed awards currently available to students in the Division of Nutritional Sciences.

Student Excellence Awards

David H. Baker Nutrition Scholar Award Fund

Recognizes students who display excellence in research as documented through peer-reviewed publications, awards and research grants. During the selection of the award recipient, an emphasis will be placed on the originality and creativity of the student's research.

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James L. Robinson Nutrition Impact Award Fund

Recognizes students who display excellence in professional service to the University, the Division, the Nutritional Sciences Graduate Student Association or to a professional society.

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Student Travel Awards

Frank W. Kari Endowed Memorial Award Fund

Provides awards to graduate students who are enrolled in the Division of Nutritional Sciences in the College of ACES at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The awards will be used by recipients to attend scientific conferences, including the annual Experimental Biology Meeting.

Toshiro Nishida Research Award Fund

Provides support for travel to national and international scientific conferences. Criteria used to select the awardee include the originality and quality of the student's abstract and poster or oral presentation.

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William C. Rose Endowment Award

Fosters professional development of Nutritional Sciences students by providing support for students to travel to scientific conferences.

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