Current Student Research

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M. Aguilar Lopez Ph.D.
Advisor: Donovan
Thesis Research: Influence of dietary factors in the modulation of fecal microbiota from preterm infants
A. Albakri Ph.D.
Advisor: Das
Thesis Research: The effect of omega-3 fatty acids-derived metabolites on insulin resistance induced by adipose tissue dysfunction
C. Alexander Ph.D.
Advisor: Swanson
Thesis Research: The effect of cholecystectomy, loss of estrogen, and dietary fiber intervention on metabolism, inflammation, and the gut microbiota
C. Applegate Ph.D.
Advisor: Erdman
Thesis Research: The molecular effects of tomato bioactives on primary and advanced prostate cancers
H. Bailey Ph.D.
Advisor: Stein
Thesis Research: The effects of blood plasma on nutrient digestibility, growth performance, and gut health in pigs and sows
M. Bailey M.S.
Advisor: Holscher
Thesis Research: The mechanisms by which dietary nutrients, like fat and fiber, and dietary patterns, like the Mediterranean diet pattern, affect metabolic health through their interactions with the gastrointestinal microbiome and immune system.
M. Barragan M.S.
Advisor: Freund
Thesis Research: TBA
A. Burton Ph.D.
Advisor: Arthur
Thesis Research: Understanding the Nutritional Challenges of Food Insecure Cancer Survivors in the United States
J. Cerna M.S.
Advisor: Khan
Thesis Research: The impact of carotenoids in modulating cognitive and visual function, as well as structural integrity in the eye in people with Multiple Sclerosis
K. Chiu M.S.
Advisor: Flaws
Thesis Research: The impact and mechanisms by which a mixture of phthalate exposures disrupt ovarian function. 
E. Davis Ph.D.
Advisor: Donovan
Thesis Research: Investigation and modulation of human milk composition and its contribution to development of the infant gut microbiome.
A. Dean Ph.D.
Advisor: Anakk
Thesis Research: Understanding proliferative mechanisms in the liver during regeneration and carcinogenesis
A. Dinsmoor M.S.
Advisor: Khan
Thesis Research: The effects of nutritional status on gut microbiota in early development
C. Edwards Ph.D.
Advisor: Khan
Thesis Research: The impact of dietary carotenoids and choline on behavioral and neuroelectric cognitive health outcomes.
K. Hahn M.S.
Advisor: Dilger
Thesis Research: TBA
B. Hannon Ph.D.
Advisor: Teran-Garcia & Khan
Thesis Research: The environmental influences of obesity in Hispanic american populations and how to prevent the development of obesity in children through community interventions
L. Killian Ph.D.
Advisor: Lee
Thesis Research:Gastrointestinal issues of endurance athletes and nutritional modifications for symptom mitigation
J. Kim M.S.
Advisor: Das
Thesis Research:Elucidating the role of Cytochrome P450 epoxygenases, and their omega-3 derived endocannabinoid metabolites on inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases 
S. Krauklis M.S.
Advisor: Freund
Thesis Research: TBA
L. Lagos Munoz Ph.D.
Advisor: Stein
Thesis Research: Calcium digestibility and requirements for swine
M. Lee Ph.D.
Advisor: Nakamura
Thesis Research: Individualized Diet Improvement Program (iDip) for weight loss and maintenance
C-Y. Lin Ph.D.
Advisor: Swanson
Thesis Research: Prebiotic/probiotic, immunology and nutrition
R. Liu M.S.
Advisor: Khan
Thesis Research: Genetic determinants of serum carotenoids and macular pigment optical density in adults and children
A. Louie M.S.
Advisor: Steelman
Thesis Research: TBA
J. Lumibao Ph.D.
Advisor: Gaskins
Thesis Research: The impact of the tumor microenvironment on mitochondrial biology and signaling in glioblastoma
V. Luna M.S.
Advisor: Teran-Garcia
Thesis Research: Dietary patterns related to obesity in Mexican-American families
A. Lundquist Ph.D.
Advisor: McBride/Donovan
Thesis Research: STRONG Kids II sub-project that focuses on the intent to breastfeed and how that intent changes over the course of infancy, especially once children are introduced into non-parental care settings
L. Ly M.S.
Advisor: Ridlon
Thesis Research: Investigating microbial biochemical pathways that lead to the formation of secondary bile acids in the human gut
L. Mailing M.D/Ph.D.
Advisor: Woods
Thesis Research: The effects of diet and exercise on the gastrointestinal microbiome, microbial metabolites, and immune function
C. Maino-Vieytes M.S.
Advisor: Arthur
Thesis Research: The Role of Dietary Fiber Intake in Determining Cancer-related Outcomes in Head and Neck Cancer
S. Mantell M.S.
Advisor: Khan
Thesis Research: TBA
C. McKenna Ph.D.
Advisor:  Burd
Thesis Research: Investigations of human skeletal muscle metabolic health through resistance exercise and whole food ingestion
A. Mitchell M.S.
Advisor: Teran-Garcia
Thesis Research: Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience on Metabolic Syndrome and Dietary Patterns in Mexican Adults
L. Moody M.D./Ph.D.
Advisor: Pan
Thesis Research: Maternal nutritional programming of offspring disease
L. Perez Ph.D.
Advisor:  Wilund
Thesis Research: Examining the combined effects of nutritionalinterventions and exercise training on the development and progression of co-morbidities in patients with renal failure
I. Pinos Cabezas Ph.D.
Advisor: Amengual
Thesis Research: Impact of retinoids on atherosclerosis development and immune response 
K. Ranard Ph.D.
Advisor: Erdman
Thesis Research: Biological effects of naturally-occurring alpha-tocopherol versus synthetic alpha-tocopherol using in vitro and in vivo approaches
J. Rowles Ph.D.
Advisor: Erdman
Thesis Research: Investigating the impact of tomato and lycopene feeding on prostate carcinogenesis and prostate cancer treatment
C. Rundle Ph.D.
Advisor: Stein
Thesis Research: The effect of alkaloids as feed additives on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and gut health in pigs
C. Salame Ph.D.
Advisor: Pepino
Thesis Research: Role of Sweet Taste Signaling in Glucose Regulation. 
A. Santaliz Casiano M.S.
Advisor: Madak-Erdogan
Thesis Research: TBA
S. Scaroni M.S.
Advisor: Burd
Thesis Research: TBA
L. Shinn Ph.D.
Advisor: Holsher
Thesis Research: The impact of diet on the human gastrointestinal microbiome, metagenome, and metabolome
S. Thompson Ph.D.      
Advisor: Holscher
Thesis Research: Dietary manipulation of the human gut microbiota-liver axis in the context of overweight and obesity
N. Willis M.S.
Advisor: Khan
Thesis Research: The study of the relationships between hydration and cognition.