Nutritional Sciences Graduate Student Association

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Since its establishment in 1973, the Nutritional Sciences Graduate Student Association (NSGSA) has evolved into a thriving, multi-faceted organization. The goal of NSGSA is to foster interaction and a sense of community between students and faculty as well as to provide networking opportunities through interaction with industry sponsors and academic presenters. NSGSA also strives to provide opportunities for leadership and professional development through election to the organization’s steering committee and through service on various sub-committees. In addition, NSGSA serves as a forum for student opinion and input to the Division of Nutritional Sciences (DNS). All DNS graduate students are automatically members of NSGSA, and participation in the organization is encouraged!

The activities hosted by NSGSA each year are designed to enrich and expand graduate students’ experiences. This is accomplished through coordination of various events, designed both for fun and for educational value. The activities range from , bake-offs and the holiday party to Quiz Bowl and nutrition outreach. NSGSA coordinates many student-faculty functions throughout the year, but the capstone event each year is the Nutrition Symposium.

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NSGSA Committee

Leila Shinn, Chair

Colleen McKenna, Co-Chair

Mindy Lee, Treasurer

Megumi Hashida, Co-Treasurer

Ana Mitchell, Student Representative to the Faculty

Emanuela Kayser, Networking and Professional Development Chair

Hanchu Dai, Secretary

Monica Kashi, Media Representative

Sergio Miranda Junior, Student Engagement and Activities Chair

Alex Baldeon, Outreach Chair