Application for Renewal Faculty Membership

Contributions to the Division
Please summarize below your participation in the following areas in the past 5 years. To ensure membership renewal, faculty must receive a minimum of 10 points for the previous 5 years.
(1) Advising of Nutritional Sciences graduate students
(5 points per student advised)
(2) Service on Graduate Student Committees
(2 points per committee)
(5 points per course)
(2 points per committee)
(e.g. Quiz Bowl, Nutrition Symposium, External Advisory Committee meetings) (1 point per function, excluding seminar)
(2 points per collaboration)
(1 point per activity)
(How has membership in the Division enhanced your professional environment?)
(How could the value you obtain by membership be enhanced?)
(Additional factors that you would like to be considered in this application)
Summary of Participation and Contributions
Please total points for each category in the space provided.