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Housing Information

Housing Information

The University of Illinois operates many options for graduate housing, including a complex for graduate students with families (Orchard Downs and Orchard South), several high-rise graduate residence halls (Sherman Hall, Daniels Hall) and apartments (Goodwin/Green Apartments).

Sherman Hall and Daniels Hall

Sherman Hall and Daniels Hall are both high-rise buildings that provide private and shared rooms. Students enjoy a private or semi-private bath, air-conditioned facilities and a community that is academically focused. Both Sherman and Daniels are within walking distance to most academic buildings. Daniels Residence Hall is located in a prime location on the northeast side of campus near the Illini Union and the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. It currently is undergoing extensive renovations in an effort to increase housing options available for both graduate and upper-class undergraduate students.

Orchard Downs and Orchard South

Orchard Downs and Orchard South are located 1.5 miles southeast of campus, spanning over ninety acres of beautiful Midwestern landscape. Orchard Downs and Orchard South are convenient to nearby shopping, campus and public schools. Free parking at your apartment and excellent bus service make transportation to and from campus easy. University students, faculty and staff with a valid ID may ride the bus free of charge. A variety of events and programs are held at the Community Center. There are many picnic and play areas, as well as nearby garden plots.

Goodwin/Green Apartments

Goodwin/Green Apartments are located at the corner of Goodwin Avenue and Green Street, in the heart of campus. These apartments offer students privacy while maintaining prime access to the University and surrounding community. Family Housing staff and the Goodwin-Green International Community Council sponsor many activities for residents, including field trips, social events and movie nights.

Off-Campus Housing

A variety of rooms, apartments, condominiums and homes for rent can be found in the area surrounding the campus and elsewhere in Champaign-Urbana. Further information on these types of housing may be obtained at the following sites: