Division of Nutritional Sciences

Organization and Affiliated Departments

The Division of Nutritional Sciences is organized on an interdepartmental, intercollege and intercampus basis and is administered by the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. This unique organization is reflected in the diversity of participating colleges and in the broad spectrum of nutrition-related disciplines represented. 

Below is a list of the 8 affiliated colleges and eighteen departments and their associated faculty members.

Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

Agricultural and Consumer Economics

  • Craig G. Gundersen
  • Paul E. McNamara

Animal Sciences 

  • J. Lee Beverly
  • Megan J. Dailey
  • Ryan N. Dilger
  • George C. Fahey, Jr. (Emeritus)
  • Peter J. Garlick
  • H. Rex Gaskins
  • Rodney W. Johnson
  • Juan J. Loor
  • Roderick I. Mackie
  • Neal R. Merchen
  • Michael R. Murphy (Emeritus)
  • Jan E. Novakofski
  • James Pettigrew
  • Lawrence B. Schook
  • Hans H. Stein
  • Kelly S. Swanson
  • Bryan A. White

Crop Sciences

  • John Juvik

Food Science and Human Nutrition

  • Juan Andrade
  • Karen M. Chapman-Novakofski
  • Hong Chen
  • Elvira de Mejia
  • Sharon M. Donovan
  • Brenna D. Ellison
  • Nicki J. Engeseth
  • John W. Erdman, Jr.
  • William G. Helferich
  • Elizabeth H. Jeffery
  • Yong-Su Jin
  • Soo-Yeun Lee
  • Michael J. Miller
  • Manabu T. Nakamura
  • Sharon M. Nickols-Richardson
  • Yuan-Xiang Pan
  • Kelly A. Tappenden
  • Margarita Teran-Garcia

Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

  • Schuyler S. Korban

Applied Health Sciences

Kinesiology and Community Health

  • Nicholas A. Burd
  • Diana S. Grigsby-Toussaint
  • Charles H. Hillman
  • Juhee Kim
  • Michael De Lisio
  • Kenneth R. Wilund
  • Jeffrey A. Woods

Speech and Hearing Science

  • Adrienne L. Perlman


Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • William D. O'Brien, Jr.

Liberal Arts and Sciences


  • Stanley H. Ambrose


  • Justin S. Rhodes

College of Medicine


  • Gregory G. Freund
  • Stephane Lezmi

College of Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago


  • Alan M. Diamond
  • Lisa M. Tussing-Humphreys

Veterinary Medicine


  • Mark S. Kuhlenschmidt
  • Matthew A. Wallig

Veterinary Biosciences

  • Duncan C. Ferguson

Veterinary Clinical Medicine

  • Thomas K. Graves
  • Margarethe E. Hoenig